Review Policy

Welcome to my Review Policy:

  •  Preferred Genres:  Mystery, Suspense, Thillers, Horror, True Crime, Fiction
  • Genres I will also read:  Chick Lit, Humor, Historical Fiction, Sci-Fi, Memoirs and      Young Adult
  • By accepting or receiving a book, I cannot guarantee the timing of the review.  Unfortunately, I have to do other life-y things.  I will try to keep authors and publishers up to date on where I am in the books and reviews.
  • I always offer an honest review for all reviews and reviews of ARCs.  I will state my opinion in a fair and tactful manner.  Never will I give a hateful or malicious review.  I respect the art of writing and the hard work that is put into every book.
  • I am open to blog tours, giveways and promotional events.
  • I prefer to receive paperback or hardback books.  Occasionally, I will accept ebooks but aside from NetGalley, this is not preferred.
  • Please contact me with any question or to submit a request.

Happy Reading!!!

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