The Insect Room – Felicity Hughes


Book Blurb: He took them in, but could they ever leave?

Lord Rupert Lacy gives Caz the creeps. But her hippie mother and dreamy younger sister have fallen for this act and accept his invitation to move in. While it’s a step up from living in a van, the dilapidated mansion scares Caz. As she explores its lonely corridors, she begin to suspect that the reclusive aristocrat is hiding a dark secret. Haunted by strange noises and bizarre dreams, Caz tries to warn her family. Only nobody is listening.

In thrall to Lord Lacy, her mum begins to believe that Caz is unhinged and need medicating. Increasingly desperate and isolated, the teenager feels compelled to take drastic action. Will it be enough to save them before it’s too late?

The Insect Room is a coming-of-age suspense that will keep you guessing right up until its shocking ending.

The Insect Room by Felicity Hughes was a fantastic debut! It was a thrill ride that was hard to put down and the ending had me questioning everyone. I loved the hint of inspiration from Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca. To me there is nothing better than reading about a creepy house and the creepy people that live there.

Thank you Felicity for allowing me to read your debut in exchange for an honest review.

This one definitely need to be added to your TBR list or just drop everything and read this one February 15th! You won’t regret it.

Author: bookhermitt

I am an avid book reader! I have been reading nonstop since 7th grade when I first picked up Pet Semetary by Stephen King. I love crime, psychological thrillers, mystery/thrillers, suspense and horror. But I do like to venture outside the box on occasions.

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