Hi all!  I am a self-proclaimed Book Nerd!!  And I am very proud of that title.  LOL.   I have a few hobbies I really enjoy but reading is my all time favorite!  I have a book with me where ever I go.  I have been an avid reader since 7th grade, when I picked up my first non-school related book.  I saw this book at Target.  It had a cat on the cover that looked menacing and I just had to find out what it was about.  Can you guess what book??  Yep, Pet Sematary.  And with that book a huge Stephen King fan was born.  I have read most of his books but not all…. yet.  My favorite genre is Mystery/Thrillers but Horror has a special place in my heart too.  I do like to branch out and read other genres but I do not read erotica or romance.  Bluck!

In my blog, I enjoy discussing what I have read and giving an honest review.  BUT… I am not a grammar person or a great writer so this blog will be more of my stream of consciousness.  So please no red pen marks on my page.  🙂


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