Cicada Summer by Maureen Leurck

cicada summerGoodreads Synopsis:

People keep a house alive, not the other way around. Alex Proctor has seen the truth of this in every empty, rundown property she’s bought and renovated since her divorce almost three years ago. She’s also experienced the thrill of making each one into a home. 

Her newest project is a dilapidated, century-old house just a few blocks from Geneva Lake, Wisconsin. Time and neglect, along with rats and raccoons, have ravaged it inside and out. Only Alex can see the beauty of what it once was and might become again. In just a few weeks by the time the cicadas make their scheduled reappearance after seventeen years underground the house should be ready to sell. In the meantime, there are construction disasters, and surprises, to contend with. 

Amid overgrown grounds and rooms brimming with debris, Alex finds treasures- pocket doors, hardwood floors hidden beneath layers of linoleum and grime and carved initials that reveal a long-ago love story involving Alex’s elderly neighbor, Elsie, and another cicada summer. At the same time, Alex finds herself searching for a way to reconcile her new life with lingering feelings for her ex-husband. For so long she felt sure that moving on was the only option, but maybe this house, and everything she’s learning in it, could give Alex room for a second chance . . .

My Review:

I completely adored this book.  It was stepping out of my usual genre type but it was so worth it!  Being a single mom, this book hit home for me.  From her dating trials to her love for her daughter, I could really relate to the single mom, Alex.  The symbolism you find in her passion to renovate the century-old house is heart-warming.  She is able to see the beauty beneath and doesn’t let anything stop her.

I highly recommend this book!


Girl in Snow by Danya Kukafka

Goodreads synopsis:

Who Are You When No One Is Watching?

girl-in-snow-9781501144370_hrWhen a beloved high schooler named Lucinda Hayes is found murdered, no one in her sleepy Colorado suburb is untouched—not the boy who loved her too much; not the girl who wanted her perfect life; not the officer assigned to investigate her murder. In the aftermath of the tragedy, these three indelible characters—Cameron, Jade, and Russ—must each confront their darkest secrets in an effort to find solace, the truth, or both.

In crystalline prose, Danya Kukafka offers a brilliant exploration of identity and of the razor-sharp line between love and obsession, between watching and seeing, between truth and memory. Compulsively readable and powerfully moving, Girl in Snow offers an unforgettable reading experience and introduces a singular new talent in Danya Kukafka.

My Review:

I thought this book started off great.  I liked the way Danya Kukafka drew you in with the characters.  I felt sorry for Cameron and his unhealthy obsession with Lucinda but on the flip side I thought it his obsession was heart-warming.  I was not a fan of Jade’s rebellious look and behavior but I also understood why she was that way.  And poor Russ, the poor guy was just a mess but you will totally understand this as well once you read it.

I did, however, think that this book was slow in places.  I found myself thinking, “just hurry up and tell us who killed her.”

The ending is worth it though so just speed read through those slow parts.  🙂

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the privilege of reading this book.

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


Sorry, i have been MIA on this blog.  But that doesn’t mean I have stopped reading.  I have read TONS and now that volleyball season is almost over, I will be playing catch up.  I plan on reviewing the following this weekend:

  1. Girl in Snow by Danya Kukafka
  2. Cicada Summer by Maureen Leurck
  3. Final Girls by Riley Sager
  4. Goat Castle: A True Story of Murder, Race and the Gothic South by Karen L. Cox
  5. Descent by Tim Johnson
  6. Fierce Kingdom by Gin Phillips
  7. 7 by Van R. Mayhall Jr.

Whew!  I am going to be burning up the keyboard!

Final Girls by Riley Sager

Image result for final girls

Final Girls was a pretty good thriller.  As with lots of thrillers, I went through almost all of the characters thinking they were the ones who did it.  Once you find out, the reveal is somewhat disturbing.  But in these types of books, disturbing is a good thing.  I want a thriller to bother me to the point that I cannot put the book down.  This one was gripping and I highly recommend.

Stillhouse Lake – Rachel Caine

Thank you NetGalley for letting me get a jump on this one!  Gina Royal finds out that her husband is a serial killer.  She had no idea or involvement but because of internet conspiracy trolls, she has to stay on the run.  This leads her to Stillhouse Lake.  A small town in Tennessee where sweet tea can cure all.  She finally believes she has found a safe place to stay.  But that is when all you know what breaks loose.

This book is extremely fast paced.  It will have you on the edge of your seat from the beginning.  Trust NO ONE!

stillhouse lake

When They Come True – by Sarah Fleming Mountford

Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to read this book. I thought this book was well written. The characters were well developed. I had not read the prequel to this book but the author did an amazing job in making sure to provide enough information that you were not lost. I really enjoyed the historical background of the “older” characters. I will definitely be reading Sarah Fleming Mountford’s first book!When They Come True

This is Where it Ends by Marieke NijKamp


Well this one wasn’t the best pick to read right before school starts back.  But other than that, it was a wonderful fast paced read.  School shootings are every parents nightmare and this definitely drives that point home.    Marieke Nijkamp does and excellent job in character development.  You can feel for every character.  Even the shooter, while you know what he is doing is wrong you feel sorry for what he has been though.

Bring Her Home by David Bell


So I am just a girl who LOVES to read.  I am not an English major or Literature major.  I am a Finance major.  So these review will not be works of literary art I can guarantee you.  BUT… they will be honest reviews!  That being said, I absolutely loved Bring Her Home by David Bell.  You must add this to your TBR list if you haven’t already.

I was captivated within the first page.  My heart went out to Bill, the father of the missing teen.  Having a teenage daughter myself, there were nights while reading this that I just had to check on her.  I don’t want to give anything away but the twist and turns in this book will make your hair curl!!

This was my first David Bell book but NOT my last!!  I will be added all his other books to my TBR list today!